SteelSeries Launches New Controller Designed for Android and Chromebook Gamers


If you’re looking for a controller designed specifically to work with your Android phone or Chromebook, then you’re in luck – SteelSeries has recently launched its newest addition to its controller line-up in the form of the SteelSeries Stratus+. In addition to a great-looking design, the new controller packs a ton of features specifically tailored for gamers who spend a lot of time on their Chromebook or Android device.

The Stratus+ can easily pair to Android and Chromebook devices wirelessly with Bluetooth LE connectivity, and can also be used for PC gaming, provided that you have a USB-C to USB-A cable available for wired connection. The controller also comes with 90-hour battery life, making it ideal for prolonged gaming sessions. In case you run out of battery, built-in fast charging allows you to get up to 12 hours of playtime with a quick 15-minute charge.

The Stratus+ also comes with a phone mount so you can clip your phone on the controller for the full-handheld experience. It’s detachable and pocket-friendly as well, so you can remove it anytime you’re not using the controller to play on your phone. SteelSeries also says that the controller features ALPS Analog thumbsticks with clickable controls, as well as magnetic sensors for the trigger buttons, for better precision and handling when playing games which require split-second movements like first-person shooters and hack-and-slash titles.

A couple of years back, SteelSeries released the Stratus Duo controller, which was designed for gaming on both Android and PC. with the addition of the Stratus+, Chromebook users who are after a bit of gaming on their devices can now get in on the action as well. The company adds that the controller is recommended for use with Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud streaming service, which lets players stream games from dedicated NVIDIA GPUs for seamless cloud gaming.

Source: SteelSeries Blog

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