5 Best Android games to play while you’re on the toilet


When it comes to mobile games, there are a huge variety of genres to choose from. Some games are long, story-based games that require you to dedicate a lot of time to it during a session, and some games are short and sweet where you can play a couple of rounds and call it a day.

Now, we know that using your phone while you’re on the toilet is a pretty common practice and so we’ve gathered a list of games that might be worth checking out that could be the perfect toilet companion.

By this we mean that these are games that you can quickly get into without any lengthy and boring intros and tutorials, and that you can enjoy a quick level or two without having to worry about save points or having to research best weapon/armor combinations. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then read on!

Fun Run 3

Taking inspiration from games like Mario Kart, Fun Run 3 is actually the perfect toilet companion. You’ll have to play through a short tutorial at the start to familiarize yourself with the controls and gameplay, but once you’re done, you’re good to go. Matching up with other players in the game only takes seconds and each race lasts for less than a minute, so you’ll be in and out in no time.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you because it is actually quite complex and there are various strategies and tricks to help you get better, so if you’re looking for something short and sweet but has a bit of depth to it, Fun Run 3 could be the game for you.


Archero is a game that has a pretty simple premise. You control a character that shoots arrows and all you need to do is move around and kill enemies and avoid getting hit. The trick is that while you move, you can’t shoot, so the key here is timing your shots. The game features multiple stages and levels but each level is pretty short and can be completed in little to no time.

It’s actually a pretty great toilet companion because you can easily complete a round or two in a few minutes, so there’s no heavy investment of your time. The downside is that it’s incredibly addictive and you might end up spending more time on the toilet than you intended.


Thress! has been around for a while but if you haven’t checked it out, now might be a good time to do so. The game has a straightforward premise where you have to combine numbers to form multiples of 3s as much as possible. We think this makes it a great game for when you’re on the toilet or if you have a few minutes to spare and want to do something.

Because you can easily start a new game and quit and pick up where you left off, you don’t feel any pressure to try and complete anything or reach a save point like you would if you played RPGs.


If action games aren’t really your thing, then how about something that tests your knowledge of the English language? SpellTower basically combines word guessing games with the gameplay of Tetris, where you try to form as many words as you can based on the random letters presented to you.

You have to do all of this before the tower of letters hits the ceiling, after which you lose. While it does take some brainpower to play the game, it’s easy to get into and could be a good way to pass some time while you’re doing your business on the toilet.

You can also easily leave and pick up where you left off if you don’t feel the need to play all the way through in one sitting.

Canabalt HD

Canabalt is one of the older endless runners around. It used to exist as a web-based game but was later brought over onto mobile. One of the reasons we love it is that the gameplay is so incredibly simple and straightforward that there’s almost no learning curve. Also, given that it doesn’t exactly use the most intensive of graphics, it’s quick to start and get into.

Play for as long or as short as you want, and since there are no major objectives, you don’t need to spend much time other than just playing it and seeing how high of a score you can get, making it an ideal game to play while sitting on the toilet.

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