Oppo’s Color OS will now be able to detect hidden cameras in your hotel room


Quite often you hear these horror stories of people traveling and staying at hotels or Airbnbs and discovering that there are hidden cameras placed in their rooms. It’s downright creepy and an invasion of one’s privacy, but in all honesty, how are we supposed to know or find out?

The good news is that if you happen to own an Oppo Find X5 or X5 Pro, it seems that Oppo has introduced an update to its Color OS platform where it will be able to detect hidden cameras. Basically how it works is that it tries to scan the room for a WiFi signal that could be coming from a hidden camera.

Also, it asks that users turn their room lights on in the room to potentially detect infrared light which is what cameras use to see in the dark. Once a camera (or cameras) has been discovered, it will help users pinpoint the camera’s location by telling them if they’re getting closer or further away from the signal.

At the moment, the Hidden Camera Detection app is only available for the two phones mentioned above and is only available in China, but hopefully Oppo will release it for other markets in the future. Also, hopefully other phone makers or even Google themselves might pick up on this idea and include it in future Android releases as well.

Source: Android Authority

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