Google made the perfect desk lamp, but you can’t buy it


In a world where more and more people find themselves working from home, it’s important to have good lighting. This includes those who work for larger companies like Apple and Google. Those who are constantly on video calls have been trying to find the best lighting solutions for their home offices, and it seems that Google made the perfect (in our opinion) desk lamp. The problem is, you can’t buy this for yourself.

The Google “dLight” was tweeted out and shown off by Google designer Ben Gold, showing off what this smart light looks like. It’s a rather unique design, as the actual light portion is made in the shape of pill-shape, and can rotate or swivel at least up to 90-degrees thanks to the pole attached to the round base.

But that’s not what makes the dLight cool. That comes via Google Assistant compatibility, meaning that you can add and control it from the Google Home app on your phone. Or, just use your voice to turn it on or off whenever you need to get ready for a video call.

Something else that makes this pretty awesome is the fact that there’s a USB-C port built into the base. Not only does this provide the power, but it can also be used to provide updates to the smart lamp in the future. Think of something like Elgato’s Key Light, but made, designed, and supported by Google.

As we mentioned previously, this isn’t something that you’ll see show up on Google’s online storefront or in a big box retailer near you. Instead, it’s been designed by Google’s team and is only available through the company’s employee-only online store. It’s really a shame, because this thing would be absolutely incredible to own. But the truth is that even if Google did make it available to the public, it would be next to impossible to get as supplies would likely be sold out for the foreseeable future.

Would you want to own a smart light like this? Or are you happy with whatever current solution you have? Drop us a line in the comments and let us know!


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