Sony’s new Android powered Walkman music players are aimed at audiophiles


Back in the day, if you wanted to listen to music on the go, you had to buy a separate music player. This helped companies like Apple whose iPod went on to become a global hit and made it into pop culture. But these days, thanks to smartphones, the need to bring around a dedicated music player is no longer necessary for the most part.

If you’re the type that truly cares about sound and want to get the most from your pair of expensive headphones or earphones, then a dedicated player might still be the way, and you’re in luck because Sony has actually unveiled a couple of new models, NW-WM1ZM2 and NW-WM1AM2, both of which are powered by Android.

These music players are actually the upgraded Signature Series of the models launched back in 2016. Both players will feature audio technology like S-Master HX, which has been designed for the Walkman specifically in mind. Both models will also have a full digital amplifier and use high-quality lead-free solder, meaning that you should be able to get pretty good sound out of them.

Sony has also opted to use a thick Kimber Kable that runs from the amp base to the headphone jack in the WM1Zm2, while the WM1AM2 will use a low-resistance OFC cable that claims to offer up low distortion and better channel separation. Sony also claims to have used a reflow solder containing gold that should, at least on paper, offer up better sound localization and a wider sound space.

Both the music players will also come with 5-inch touchscreen displays with a pretty meh FWVGA resolution, but we suppose that’s not really the point. Battery life seems to be pretty fantastic as it can play 40 hours of non-stop FLAC before needing a recharge.

As for pricing, prepare for a sticker shock if you’re new to the audiophile world because the NW-WM1ZM2 and NW-WM1AM2 are priced at $4,200 and $1,600 respectively.

Source: Sony

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