Pixel 6 and 6 Pro owners can’t catch a break when it comes to bugs


Following yesterday’s release of the February Android Security Patch for the Pixel 6, Google implemented bug fixes for various issues that have been plaguing users. These include Bluetooth reliability, along with fixing rare instances where the camera app would force your phone to reboot. Now that the latest software release is available for all, it seems that there are more issues that are causing headaches.

Owners of the devices have taken to Reddit and Twitter (via Android Police) to voice concerns over Wi-Fi connectivity issues. In one instance, a user found that the Wi-Fi will automatically shut off whenever their Pixel 6 goes to sleep, forcing them to manually enable Wi-Fi and select the network. Follow-up comments have confirmed that the issue is present for their devices, with Google support only suggesting that they perform a full factory reset “after checking safe mode”.

Another user was told the following:

After the factory reset didn’t solve the issue, Google literally told me to take it to uBreakIfix or send it in to Google repair. Apparently this is absolutely no way to roll back to the January update. We know it’s a software issue. It should be easy to fix or at LEAST revert. But no. Ugh.

Google has had a tough time with the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, as there have been some pretty major bugs present alongside every software release. Notably, the December Security Patch was released, then pulled, before being rolled into the January Security Patch. The February update marked the first time that the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro were updated alongside the rest of Google’s Pixel lineup of devices, leaving us to hope that things would be better this time around.

Unfortunately, short of performing a factory reset and hoping that the bugs don’t resurface, it’s just another waiting game. We’ll have to see whether Google acknowledges the problem and perhaps we’ll see a mid-cycle software release that fixes these problems. Then, we just have to hope that there won’t be any other bugs to worry about until the next go-’round.


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