YouTube for Android could soon let you listen to songs directly from YouTube Music


Many of you know YouTube as being the platform that you use when you want to watch videos, whether it be documentaries, comedy, original content, or music videos. Then there is a separate YouTube Music app for those subscribed to YouTube’s music streaming service that is dedicated just for music.

So what happens when you find a song on YouTube? You either have to listen to the song by watching the video, or search for it manually in  YouTube Music, but that is something YouTube could change in the near future.

In an APK teardown by XDA Developers, they have discovered that YouTube is working on making some changes to the YouTube app for Android where they are including a “Listen with YouTube Music” button. Presumably when users tap on this button, the song that is playing will automatically be played within the YouTube Music app instead.

This means that if you’d rather not stream and watch a video just for a song, especially since music videos can be longer than the song due to additional scenes, this might not be the preferred way of listening. Plus, watching and streaming videos is more battery and data intensive, so giving YouTube Music subscribers this option sounds like a good idea.

There is no word on when we might be able to see these changes, but as it has been spotted in the APK, we can only assume it will be launching soon.

Source: XDA Developers

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