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Govee’s running a promotion for its RGBIC LED light strips that you might want to check out


When you think of smart homes, you probably think of gadgets and appliances that you’ll have to buy again, like smart coffee makers, smart toasters, smart ovens, and so on. If you’d rather not spend too much money upfront, then how about checking out this deal for Govee’s RGBIC smart LED light strips?

Measuring 65 feet long, these light strips come with built-in IC chips. What this means that instead of it being all one simultaneous color, it can display multiple colors at once to give off better hues and effects. The lights are then further divided up into 15 segments that can be controlled individually, all of which can be controlled via the Bluetooth app.

The best part is that it does not require you to purchase a separate hub and it’s currently on discount for just $58, down from its regular asking price of $68, so you save yourself $10 in the process which is a pretty good deal if you’re just starting out.

Govee 65.6ft RGBIC LED Strip Lights
  • Breathtaking RGBIC Effects: With built-in IC chips, the smart LED strip lights can display multiple colors simultaneously....
  • More Length, More Impact: 65.6ft RGBIC led strip lights provides multiple design options over a larger area. Equipped with...

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