Google’s rumored Pixel Fold makes surprise appearance on Geekbench


We’ve been hearing about Google’s rumored Pixel Fold for quite a while now, with some of us hoping Google would have teased it alongside the Pixel 6 launch. Unfortunately, the tease never came, but Google did provide a bit of hope with its announcement of Android 12L. This is a version of Android coming later this year that is designed to solve many of the problems that Android has when being used on larger screens such as tablets and foldable phones.

While we continue to await the arrival of the Pixel Fold, it seems that someone is using the phone and running some Geekbench tests. The phone, codenamed the Google Pipit, appeared on Geekbench (via MySmartPrice), providing a bit of insight into the performance and some of the specs that could be available.

First and foremost, the Pipit scored 4,811 in single-core testing and landed an 11,349 score in the multi-core results. This was achieved thanks to the octa-core chipset powering the device paired with 12GB. It’s probably safe to assume that Google will be using its new Tensor chip whenever the Pixel Fold makes its debut, following in line with the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

Previous rumors suggested that Google was going to put Pipit in the back-burner, and perhaps that did happen for a period of time. But now it seems that development has picked back up, and the company is putting the phone through its paces before launching later this year.

2022 could end up being a rather big one for Google, as it will need to sort out the software woes from the Pixel 6. There are also reports claiming that we could see the fabled Pixel Watch finally make its debut and a potential release of the Google Pixel Fold. We’re already seeing more and more phone makers get on board with foldable phones, and it would truly be amazing to have a Pixel Fold with stock Android along with some solid cameras.


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