Vivo’s V23 and V23 Pro will feature color-changing technology


Your smartphone’s design is fixed. The color you chose is more or less final, although you could customize it to your liking with cases and other accessories, but what if the customization tech was built into the phone itself?

That’s something that Vivo has recently unveiled with its new V23 and V23 Pro smartphones. The most unique feature of these phones is that if you were to opt for the Sunshine Gold model, it comes with an exterior design that can apparently shift colors when it’s exposed to sunlight.

According to Vivo, this tech took the company two years to develop, so if you were to leave it in the sun for about 30 seconds, it will change from the gold/yellow finish to one that gives off a blue-green look. It is admittedly rather novel, but it’s an interesting feature nonetheless in a market that’s already pretty mature.

Other specs of the phone include a 6.44-inch and 6.56-inch display for the V23 and V23 Pro respectively, but both will feature 90Hz refresh rates and 1080p resolutions. Under the hood, the V23 will be powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 920 chipset, while the V23 Pro will use the Dimensity 1200.

The cameras are also pretty decent with the V23 featuring a 64MP main shooter, while the V23 Pro will come with a 108MP main camera. As for pricing, the V23 will retail for around $400 while the Pro model will go for $520. It is currently being planned for launch in SEA before making its way to APAC, Middle East, and European markets in the next few months.

Source: The Verge

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