Withings new smart scale is the ultimate tool for keeping track of your health


If one of your New Years Resolutions is to be fitter and healthier, then you’ll want to check out the Withings Body Scan. This new scale is much more than just a smart scale, as Withings has added a new handle to help provide even more accurate measurements than before.

The design and construction of the Body Scan is similar to that of the Body Cardio, using a combination of tempered glass and metal for the base. There’s an extendable handle that features a 4-lead ECG that can detect heart arrhythmias in conjunction with the two electrodes that are found in the base.

Winner of three CES 2022 Innovation Honoree Awards, Body Scan will also allow users to access coaching, clinical specialists and personalized, holistic plans in-app to help them reach their health goals. Developed with specialists in cardiovascular, neurologic, and metabolic conditions, these programs will provide users with important insights based on well-known metrics and the ability to be connected with medical specialists in case of health concerns. 

At the top, there’s a 3.2-inch color LCD display so you can view your readings as they are being taken. But of course, pairing your phone with the Withings app will provide you with all of the results that you need after you step on the scale.

There are a total of four weight sensors to go along with four steel electrodes in the handle, and a total of 14 more ITO electrodes in the base. In addition to detecting any heart arrhythmias, the Withings Body Scan can detect your heart rate and vascular age. Withings also plans to update the accompanying app to make it possible for you to send your results to healthcare professionals.

The only downside to those interested in the Withings Body Scan is the wait. Withings is still awaiting approval by the CE/FDA, and is expecting to be able to launch its most impressive smart scale in the “second half of 2022”. Pricing for the Body Scan will come in around $299, and the company will be including a three-month subscription to the Withings health and wellness programs.


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