Galaxy Z Fold 3 owners in the U.S. are starting to get Android 12


Late last night, owners of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 were greeted with a surprise update prompt. Thankfully, this wasn’t just for the December Android Security Patch, but instead, it’s for the update to Android 12.

According to a thread on r/GalaxyFold, it appears that the update is first rolling out to those who are using the Fold 3 on Verizon. However, we are expecting it to become available for those on other carriers in the coming days. What is a bit surprising about this rollout is that it’s not as readily available for those who are using Unlocked devices direct from Samsung.

After checking our own Z Fold 3 from Verizon, we were, in fact, greeted with an update prompt. However, you won’t find an intensive changelog, as it only states the update includes Android 12 and an Updated user experience.

Additionally, SamMobile is also reporting that owners of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 are receiving the update. Like the Z Fold 3, it seems this is first arriving for Verizon subscribers, before being rolled out to more devices.

In order to check to see if the update has arrived on your Z Fold 3 or Flip 3, you can head into the Settings app, and select Software update in the side panel. Then, tap Check for software updates and follow the on-screen prompts if it’s available.

The update will take around 20 minutes to install once it’s been downloaded. It’s recommended to keep your phone plugged in or on a wireless charger for the duration of the installation.

After seeing that Samsung had to pause the rollout of the update due to various bugs, it’s nice to see that the company was still able to meet its self-imposed deadline. Let us know if you’ve received the update on your Galaxy Z Fold 3 and what you think about the changes. Just as a reminder, you might find that some of your settings could have been changed after the update is installed and that you should create a backup before installing the update just to ensure that none of your data is lost.


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