iQOO wants to bring back pressure-sensitive displays to smartphones


When it comes to new smartphone features, companies tend to see what other companies are doing before trying to do something similar, if not better. The fingerprint sensor is a good example which caught on and has become a standard security feature on pretty much the majority of smartphones out there.

But then there are also some trends that tried to become popular but failed, such as phones with glasses-free 3D displays, and also phones with pressure-sensitive displays. Apple tried to popularize the tech years ago, but ultimately called quits on it after it failed to take off. For the most part, Android manufacturers have pretty much stayed away from the tech.

Or at least until now. According to a teaser by iQOO (a former sub brand of Vivo), the company is set to announce a new phone called the iQOO Neo 5s on the 20th of December and based on the teaser, the phone could bring back the pressure-sensitive display.

This is very interesting because it is clear from Apple’s efforts that pressure-sensitive displays haven’t caught on. The problem isn’t so much the concept, but the fact that there is no standard on how developers implement it, plus some users might not even know that such a feature exists in the first place.

This in turn would discourage developers from spending time taking advantage of a feature that might never be used. Perhaps iQOO could come up with a better strategy than Apple did, but we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, do you think pressure sensitive displays were a wasted opportunity or simply too novel to begin with?

Source: GSMArena

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