Some Pixel 6 owners are complaining of random signal losses


Google’s Pixel 6 was supposed to be Google’s grand Pixel smartphone. It comes with its own chipset designed by Google, a first for the company, but so far it seems that the handset has been plagued with a fair number of issues.

The most recent comes in the form of users who have been claiming that their Pixel 6 devices are dropping the signal seemingly at random times. This is according to posts made on Reddit as well as Google’s support page where according to one user:

“At random intervals the phone service just drops entirely showing NO SERVICE or NO SIM in the top left of the lock screen and on the top right, the signal strength shows an exclamation mark ! . The only way to restore connectivity is the restart the phone where it will only temporarily be working again.”

It is unclear what the issue could be, but there is a chance it could be software related and not hardware. According to the post on Google’s support page, the user received an update to carrier services and they haven’t had the issue since. At the same time, some users who experienced this issue have sent their phones in for replacements and said that after getting their new handset, the problem went away.

For users who are encountering this issue, it has been suggested that turning off “Adaptive Connectivity” in the Settings has helped, so you can try your luck there.

Source: Android Police

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