You’re not alone, the Amazon Appstore is not working on Android 12 [UPDATE: It’s fixed now]


While the Google Play Store is the home for most of the best Android apps, it’s not the only place to get them. You could side load apps manually, provided that you trust the source, but with Android you also have the ability to use third-party app stores. This includes the Amazon Appstore, which was created to house a vast library of apps on the company’s Fire Tablet lineup of devices.

However, if you’ve recently updated to Android 12, or picked up the Pixel 6 and tried to use the Amazon Appstore, you’ve been met with a rather annoying frustration. While it seems that it is possible to install the Amazon Appstore app itself, none of the app listings can be viewed or accessed.

A fix is likely in the works and could be released sooner rather than later, as an Amazon Staff member replied to primary “question” on the Amazon Forums:

Hello Forum-Community! 

So sorry to know you all are experiencing the issue with Amazon Appstore on Android 12.

Our technical team is aware of the issue. I checked and they are still working on the resolution.

At least we know that the problems aren’t limited to the Pixel 6, as that would cause a whole lot of headaches by itself. But combing through the responses, it appears that the problem is affecting any device running Android 12, including the Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 6, and others.

Speculation about the problem points to Amazon’s DRM which would affect both paid and free apps on the Appstore. However, it’s unclear as to what has changed with the Android 12 update making it impossible to view, download, install, or use apps from the Amazon Appstore. Considering that the problem was originally posted back at the end of October, we’re hoping that a fix arrives soon, and maybe Amazon can shed some light on what happened.


Shortly after this story went live, we received an update from Amazon with the following statement:

“We are aware and working to resolve an issue impactingapp performance and launches for the small number of Amazon Appstore users that have upgraded to Android 12 on their mobile devices. This issue does not impact Amazon Fire Tablets or Fire TV devices.”

UPDATE: 12/20

Just in time for the holidays, it seems that Amazon was able to get all of the bugs worked out with its App Store and Android 12. The company provided us with the following statement:

“We have released a fix for an issue impacting app launches for Amazon Appstore customers that have upgraded to Android 12 on their mobile devices. We are contacting customers with steps to update their Appstore experience. We are sorry for any disruption this has caused.”

If you have been affected and want to get things back in working order, here are the steps that you’ll need to take:

  • Download the updated version of the Amazon Appstore Here.
  • Sign out and then sign back into the Appstore.
  • Update any apps that you have downloaded by opening the Amazon Appstore, navigating to My Apps, and then navigating to Updates. 

Once completed, any of the problems that you were previously dealing with should be resolved. And you’ll be able to enjoy using the Amazon Appstore again on your Android 12 device.


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