Take your music listening to the next-level and save $120 on the AirPods Max


There’s a lot of competition when it comes to finding the best headphones. Different companies have been attempting to capture the “magic” found when Apple released the original AirPods, which has sparked a revolution in the headphone industry. But we’ve also been seeing great improvements made in the Bluetooth over-the-ear headphone market with options like the Sony WH-1000XM4s and the Bose QuietComfort 45s.

Apple decided it was time to get into the over ear game with the AirPods Max, and these premium headphones have become a fan-favorite with Apple users. Along with the premium design, the AirPods Max offer Active Noise Cancellation, Bluetooth 5.0, a dedicated Transparency Mode, and custom 40mm drivers. This combination creates a pretty awesome experience, provided that you look past the steep “Apple tax”.

When the AirPods Max were originally released, Apple priced them at $549, quite a bit more than the well-rounded WH-1000XM4s. This has led many to skip Apple’s offering altogether in favor of more reasonably-priced options. While you might expect that these won’t work with Android phones, that couldn’t be further from the truth. They are essentially just Bluetooth headphones at their core, and while you might miss out on things like Apple’s H1 chip integration and customizing the ANC, the AirPods Max will still work with any Android phone.

But if you were hoping to save some cash on the AirPods Max, Black Friday is here to save the day. For a limited time, you can enjoy $120 off the AirPods Max, bringing them down to just $429. And this deal also includes free shipping, but going even further than that, if you order within the next few hours, the AirPods Max will actually ship out today.

AirPods Max


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