Insta360 firmware update makes editing your video footage less of a hassle


When it comes to editing photos or videos, you can use software to fix a lot of mistakes during the actual capture process, but of course if you can minimize those errors, then the editing process becomes a lot smoother and simpler.

The onus of minimizing those issues falls on both the user and the device. If a camera’s software isn’t up to scratch, then there’s really only so much a user can do.

The good news is that if you’re the owner of an Insta360 ONE X2 or ONE R 360-degree camera, you might be interested to learn that the company has recently issued a new firmware update that will help improve on the overall capture experience, which hopefully also means less hassle when it comes to processing and editing the videos.

Snap Wizard

According to Insta360, one of the changes in the firmware update is called the Snap Wizard. This is a new tool within the Insta360 app that can record a user’s edit. The idea behind this feature is to help streamline the reframing process. Usually the reframing process can take time and practice, especially if you’re new to 360-degree videos, but with the Snap Wizard, your edits are recorded and then applied to the video.

The company offers users several ways of changing the angle in their videos, such as physically moving their phone to point the video in the direction they want, swipe the screen to pan around, or use their Deep Track 2.0 that uses AI to track a subject to keep it centered in the frame.

Quick FlowState

Another feature that users can look forward to in the firmware update is Quick FlowState. This is basically an upgraded stabilized video. Insta360 already offers “basic” in-camera stabilization algorithms, but with Quick FlowState, the company claims that the stabilization is on par with the stabilization applied in post.

This means that the videos users capture in Quick FlowState mode are good to go right out of the camera and can be shared immediately. Of course, it’s up to users whether they want to make further edits, but if you want to share it quickly, it should be good enough. The company also claims that eliminating an extra step in the editing process means less compression, resulting in better quality videos.

Quick Reader

Last but not least, and this isn’t a firmware update, but a new accessory called the Quick Reader. This is a removable storage module that you can detach from your Insta360 camera and then connect it to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop via USB-C. This makes transferring of photos and videos a lot faster and saves you time having to setup a WiFi connection.

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