Nov 23rd, 2021

Google Assistant is Google’s digital assistant and has been around for a while now. For the most part, it does what you might expect from such an assistant, such as setting timers, creating calendar reminders, answering your questions about the weather, and so on. Over the years, Google has added more features to it.

We’re talking about being able to stay on the line for you with customer service who put you on hold and other more advanced features, so it was really surprising that it was only in the earlier part of 2021 that Google finally introduced the ability for users to use voice control to answer or reject calls.

We suppose it’s better late than never, but if you’re wondering how to get Google Assistant to answer or reject an incoming call on your phone, here’s how:

  • Hey Google, answer call
  • Hey Google, reject call

These phrases are enough for you to get the digital assistant to either answer or reject an incoming call. This is useful if your hands are full and you can’t get your phone, or if your hands are dirty and you don’t want to touch your phone. Keep in mind that this does not put the call automatically on speaker, so it works best with a headset.

You will also need to make sure that the “Hey Google” detection is enabled. If you have disabled it for whatever reason, here’s how to turn it on:

  1. Launch the Google app on your phone
  2. Tap your profile photo
  3. Go to Settings > Voice
  4. Under “Hey Google” tap on “Voice Match”
  5. Turn on “Hey Google”

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