The Mango Power Union is the most stylish portable power station we’ve seen


When it comes to power stations, there are many options out there to choose from. They’re beloved by many who love the great outdoors but don’t want to miss out on some creature comforts like heating, cooking, keeping their phones or laptops powered, and more.

They’re also great devices if you have medical devices that need to remain powered on all the time and you want to be prepared in the event there is a blackout and you have no access to the power grid.

So, with there being so many options to choose from, which is the right one for you? If you’re looking for something new and different, then perhaps the Mango Power Union could just be what you were looking for.

A fresh, modern looking design

Right out of the gate, the thing that probably caught your attention (and ours) is the design of the power station itself. Unlike other power stations we’ve come across, Mango Power’s Union certainly comes across very different. It features a very clean and sleek design, and it looks very modern.

If you can appreciate a modern look that will be able to blend into your home’s environment or just in general, then the Union is probably the most modern-looking power station we’ve come across so far.

It is also unique in the sense that it actually comes in two parts, with the base unit called the Power Home and the top part called the Power Move, both of which can connect together thanks to the mUnion linking mechanism. The idea is that you can take the top part, the Power Move, with you on the go, while the bottom part you can leave at home.

Massive battery

Of course with this being a power station, what you would be looking for in such a device would be its battery size and also its power output, what kind of devices it can power, and so on.

According to the company, we’re talking about 6.9kWh to 69kWh of capacity, so depending on your needs, you could use one unit for just partially keeping your home’s lights on, or up to 10 units and keep your entire home up and running in the event of a blackout.

This includes energy-hungry appliances like your refrigerator, heating, and even air-conditioners. We’re talking about:

  • 1 X Mango Power Union: 6.9kWh/4.35kW/40A for emergency use and partial home backup for essential circuits
  • 2 X Mango Power Union: 13.8kWh/8.7kW/80A for more power and partial house backup for essential circuits
  • 3 X Mango Power Union: 20.7kWh/13.05kW/120A for regular use and whole-home backup for all the circuits
  • 10 X Mango Power Union: 69kWh/43.5W/400A for power independence and whole-house backup for all the circuits

As for the Power Move itself, Mango Power says that the unit will feature 2,350 watts of power and 2,300 watt hours of battery, making it perfect for that camping trip if you need to power on devices like lights, phones, laptops, and cameras.

It also supports solar charging if you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly way to keep the Mango Power Union topped off.

Plenty of ports, smartphone controls, and more

So, with all that power, how many devices can we connect to it? If you were worried about it being limited, don’t be. This is because Mango Power has ensured that the Union comes with a ton of ports so you can connect all types of devices to it.

We’re talking about USB-A and USB-C ports to power some of your mobile devices. We’re also looking at DC outlets, a bunch of AC outlets offering up to 30A, and there’s even a car outlet.

Last but not least, users can control and monitor the Mango Power Union using the accompanying smartphone app. The app will let users remotely control the ports so you can turn them on and off. It also shows how many battery is left, charging status, charging rate, and even the battery’s temperature if you’re concerned it might be getting too hot.


A lot of power stations out there tend to focus more on portability, which is fair, but if you’re looking for something that can not only be the perfect camping and outdoors companion, but can also be used as an alternative or backup system for your entire home in case of emergencies, then the Mango Power Union could be it.

The company is planning on launching the Union on Indiegogo where it will be available for $2,799 as a super early bird price.

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