Nov 22nd, 2021

We know that Samsung is making a big push with its foldable phones. Right now, the company’s foldable phones include the flip-style Galaxy Z Flip series and the tablet/smartphone hybrid, the Galaxy Z Fold, but it seems that Samsung has hinted that they could expand their offerings to a phone with a rollable display.

In a newly-launched website by Samsung Display, the company showed off its flexible OLED displays. They also showed various potential uses for it which included devices like the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold, along with the potential for an entire laptop to be made out of a foldable display, and also something Samsung is calling “Slidable Flex”.

As you can see in the image above, this looks like a phone with a rollable display that can be slid out and expanded. This means that instead of a hinge and a phone that folds into itself and becomes thicker, this allows the device to maintain its thickness but potentially expanding on the display.

Now, this by no means confirms Samsung’s plan for their own rollable smartphone, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the company were to eventually launch one. After all, LG came very, very close when they announced their plans at CES earlier this year to launch a rollable phone in 2021.

The company’s plans were ultimately shelved when they decided that they would no longer remain in the smartphone industry. The decision by LG does provide the perfect opportunity for Samsung to step in, but whether or not they will remains to be seen.

Source: SamMobile

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