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How to move the shutter button on Samsung Galaxy phones


Typically, the shutter button for smartphone cameras are placed towards the bottom middle part of the phone. We’re used to its placement, but it isn’t necessarily the best or most ideal spot. For example, if you have shorter fingers and the screen is too large, you might have a hard time trying to reach the shutter button.

Or maybe the photo you’re trying to snap is at a weird angle and you can’t really reach the shutter button comfortably. Usually phone manufacturers allow the volume rocker to act as a physical shutter button as an alternative, but in case you need to use the onscreen shutter button, did you know that you can actually move the shutter button on your Samsung phone?

This means that users will be able to move the onscreen shutter button to wherever you need, making it easy for you to reach for it.

Move the shutter button on your Galaxy phone

  1. Launch the Camera app
  2. Tap the Settings icon at the top left corner
  3. Scroll down and tap on “Shooting Methods”
  4. Look for “Floating Shutter button” and toggle it on
  5. Go back to the camera app and you’ll now see a white button floating on the screen
  6. Tap and drag the button anywhere on the screen to position wherever you want
  7. Tap on it to take a photo

Take note that this doesn’t replace the existing shutter button. That button is still very much on the screen, so essentially you now have two shutter buttons to choose from that should make it more flexible.

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