Save $270 on the OnePlus 9 Pro or grab the OnePlus Buds Pro for $50 off


With Black Friday right around the corner, another company has introduced its holiday savings to its lineup of devices. OnePlus may be going through some growing pains in the software department, but it’s tough to argue that you’ll find a better set of products outside of maybe Samsung or Apple.

To kick off the 2021 holiday shopping season, OnePlus has marked down a number of its devices and accessories, including the OnePlus 9 Pro and Buds Pro. Here’s a full list of the deals that you can currently enjoy:

If you’ve been holding off on grabbing one of the best OnePlus phones, now’s your chance to do just that. Or maybe you wanted to wait for a solid discount on the new OnePlus Buds Pro and just have been waiting until now. We aren’t exactly sure how long these deals will last, but you’ll definitely want to jump on them before they sell out. Plus, all of these devices are in stock and shipping from Amazon, so you won’t have to worry about waiting too long.

OnePlus Holiday Deals


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