Samsung could delay the Galaxy Tab S8 in favor of the Galaxy S22


Samsung will be launching a bunch of new devices in 2022. That much is to be expected from the company. Part of that launch includes the flagship Galaxy S22 series along with the Galaxy Tab S8, a new tablet from Samsung that was initially expected to debut alongside the Galaxy S22 series.

Unfortunately, if the Galaxy Tab S8 is a tablet you’ve been looking forward to, then you might be disappointed to learn that it could be delayed. This is according to a report from LetsGoDigital who claims that due to a surge in COVID-19 infections in Suwon where Samsung Digital City is located, it will apparently result in the delay of the tablet.

Apparently several employees in the R5 building have been infected, and to curb further spread, Samsung has decided to mandate a work-from-home strategy that will see 70% of employees in the R5 building work from home, while the remaining 30% will work on site. It also happens that the R5 building is where the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 is being developed.

This means that it will become harder for employees to develop the device if they’re going to be working from home and unable to access certain tools and equipment necessary as Samsung apparently won’t allow unreleased products taken out of the facility.

As such, Samsung might instead prioritize their efforts on their flagship device over the tablet, which we can’t say comes as a surprise, but take it with a grain of salt for now until Samsung officially says (or doesn’t say) something.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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