Withings has a new hybrid smartwatch that promises 30 days of battery life


Smartwatches are usual if you enjoy features like being able to receive notifications on your wrist, measure your health vitals, track workouts, and more. But if there is a problem with most smartwatches is that they can stand out a bit too much, and also that they don’t have particularly good battery life.

If you’re looking for a watch with a more traditional design and battery life, then you might be interested in Withings’ latest wearable, the ScanWatch. The design of the watch isn’t that surprising given that one of the things that sets Withings apart from other smartwatch makers is that they use more traditional watch designs, so the ScanWatch is in line with the company’s past offerings.

The watch will come with the usual fixings one might expect from a modern day wearable. We’re talking about activity tracking, sleep tracking, Sp02 monitoring, ECG, and more. It also helps that it does all of that while boasting a 30-day battery life, but to be fair, since it uses a traditional watch face instead of a fullscreen display, it does save a lot of battery in that regard.

We have to say that in terms of design it looks really sleek and if you’re looking for a watch that could pass off as evening wear to a fancy dinner, this could be it. The Withings ScanWatch is priced starting at $279.95 for the 38mm model and $299.95 for the 42mm model.

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