Google adds fingerprint calibration to its Pixel Update and Software Repair tool


It’s been an interesting adventure over the first week of ownership for Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro owners. The phones bring a striking new design, along with proper flagship performance. And in order to achieve the design it wanted, Google has integrated an in-display fingerprint scanner, ditching the rear-mounted scanner found on previous models.

But it seems that the scanner being used isn’t the latest and greatest, as there continue to be issues when it comes to simply unlocking your phone with the scanner. We’ve found (and shared) a few tips that can help you fix those problems, but until Google pushes more software updates, we’re kind of stuck.

For a brief moment, there was some hope that Google had quietly updated its Pixel Repair Tool to help recalibrate and improve the scanner’s reliability. Especially after seeing the option at the bottom of the page simply say “Install fingerprint calibration software”. But when you hover over the “information” icon, you’re presented with the following:

“Install the under-display fingerprint scanner calibration software. This is required if your display is replaced. The software supports Pixel 6, 6 Pro.”

As spotted by XDA Developers, this new tool is not actually intended to be used unless you have to replace the display on your Pixel 6 or 6 Pro. The primary goal is to make sure that the scanner can be properly recalibrated in the event that your display is replaced and things aren’t working as you expected they would.

What is a bit surprising, is that Google is making this a public-facing tool, and not one that is hidden or only accessible by certified repair shops. It’s an unexpected move given all of the flak that Apple continues to take when it comes to the inability for users to fix their own devices without needing to walk into an Apple store. Nevertheless, if you replace the display on your Pixel 6 or 6 Pro and want to recalibrate the fingerprint scanner, Google’s tool is now available.


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