Samsung designed a pair of jeans specifically to hold the Galaxy Z Flip 3


The majority of our pants have pockets. This is where we keep our keys, our wallets, loose change, and of course, our phones. For the most part, these pockets are a one-size-fits-all kind of deal where it should be able to hold your phone, but Samsung wants to challenge that notion.

The company’s Australian division has announced that they are teaming up with Swedish brand Dr. Denim to create limited edition jeans designed specifically to hold the Galaxy Z Flip 3 smartphone.

This comes in the form of a tiny pocket along the legs of the jeans which is big enough just to house the Galaxy Z Flip 3. According to Samsung:

“With no need for large pockets when using the stylish new Galaxy Z Flip3, the back pockets on the jeans have been removed, with one ‘flipped’ to the front thigh and scaled down to the exact dimensions of the Galaxy Z Flip3. The original front pockets have been stitched over with two statement Zs – a stylish nod to the innovative, foldable Galaxy Z Series.”

These jeans are absurdly called the Z Flip Pocket Denim and according to the company, have been limited to just 450 pairs. As for pricing, the jeans are priced at $1,499 which seems ridiculous for a pair of pants, but thankfully they actually come with the Galaxy Z Flip 3 phone as well.

Source: Samsung

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