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Best photo widgets for Android


Just like how putting a photo of your partner, family, or kids on your desk at work is a great way of personalizing your workspace, the same can be done for your smartphone. Thanks to widgets, you can actually place photos on your home screen that aren’t just your wallpaper.

If you’re looking for ways to display photos on your home screen, then read on because these are some of the best photo widgets for Android that we’ve come across so far.

Google Photos

When iOS started to support home screen widgets, Google actually updated its Photos app for iOS where they introduced a “Memories” widget for the app. For Android users, the good news is that our turn is finally here. With this “Memories” widget, it basically shows users past photos from a week to a year ago. It’s a great way for reliving memories, but less so if you wanted to place static images on your home screen.

Animated Photo Widget

As the name says, this is a widget for your home screen that will help you put together a slideshow of photographs that you can view directly on your home screen itself. There are various sizes and border options that users can choose from, and users can also select from different transition options.

Simple Photo Widget

If you don’t need anything too fancy, then Simple Photo Widget could be the photo widget for you. It is really as simple as you might think, where you can choose photos and have them show up in the widget. With the widget offering different sizes, you can even place multiple widgets on your home screen at once in different shapes and styles.

Photo Widget

If you like to think of your smartphone’s home screen as a pegboard of sorts where you can create a collage of photos, then Photo Widget could be the widget for you. The photo frame that the widget uses is very clean and simple so it won’t be too distracting. You can even use it as a way to display schedules or reminders if you’re looking for an alternative way of using photo widgets.

Widgets iOS 14 – Color Widgets

The name might be a bit confusing, but as the description of the widget reads, it seems to have drawn inspiration from the widgets offered in Apple’s iOS 14. This is a versatile widget because in addition to offering users a way to place photos on their home screen, users can also use the widget to display information like notes, weather, quotes, world clock, step counter, and more.

So if you wanted something with a bit more flexibility, then this might be the widget for you.

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