Samsung Galaxy S22’s charging speeds might be disappointingly slow


These days, it’s not uncommon to see phones come with faster charging speeds. We’re looking at brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, and OnePlus, all of whom have released phones that offer up some pretty insane charging speeds.

It was rumored that Samsung could finally hop on board the fast-charging bandwagon with the Galaxy S22 series where we heard that the phone could offer 65W speeds. It turns out that might not be the case anymore because according to regulatory filings obtained by WhyLab, it seems that the Galaxy S22 phones will only support 25W charging.

This is essentially the same as its predecessor, which to be honest is a lot faster compared to the earlier days of the smartphone, but slow when you look at what the competition is offering.

Before you get too disappointed by this piece of news, SamMobile has pointed out that when it comes to obtaining certification, companies usually use standard chargers for its device. This means that it is possible that the 25W speeds we’re seeing could simply be a minimum speed and that it might not necessarily represent the phone’s maximum charging speed.

The publication also pointed out that devices like the Galaxy Tab S7 was listed with a 15W charger, but it could actually go up to 45W, so maybe, just maybe, the 65W speed rumors could still hold true. We’ll probably have to wait until 2022 to find out, and even if the charging speeds are capped at 25W, there are still a lot of cool (rumored) features of the phone to look forward to.

Source: Android Central

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