Samsung is finally removing ads in Samsung Pay and Samsung Health


Although Samsung phones continue to reign supreme as the most popular Android devices here in the U.S., the company has a bit of a problem with ads. After (sometimes) spending over $1,000 on one of the latest Samsung phones, you might notice that ads just appear out of nowhere throughout the system. Some of these are ads for Samsung apps within other Samsung apps, which is one thing. But other ads that just show up in the notification panel for the Galaxy Store is one of the most obnoxious practices we’ve seen.

Back in August, a report surfaced where Samsung mobile chief TM Roh was quoted as stating the company would be removing ads from its native apps. And now, it would appear as the ad-removal process is finally getting underway. Courtesy of TizenHelp (via XDA), a Samsung Health Manager on the Samsung Community Forums confirmed that ads will be removed from Samsung Health and Samsung Pay starting today.

This move is long overdue, and some who have already had these ads removed are claiming that “they have seen much faster speed in payment execution”. We definitely understand why Samsung wants to run ads, as it’s no different from any other ads that you might find on the web as the company just wants to make money. But if you are sacrificing user experience in favor of a money grab, you end up alienating your customers, leaving a bad taste in their mouth, and possibly looking elsewhere for their next phone.

At the time of this writing, the ads at the top of the Samsung Health app are still appearing on our Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3. So it’s likely just a matter of time before that changes and ads are gone for good from within Samsung’s own stock applications. Now, let’s just hope that it stays this way and that Samsung doesn’t reverse its course in the future.


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