Google could be planning a hardware event that has nothing to do with the Pixel 6


Another day has gone by, and we still aren’t any closer to knowing when the Pixel 6 is coming. While that’s where a lot of our focus is, it would seem as though Google has another event planned entirely. But instead of giving everyone the final details regarding Google’s next phone, this event would be focused on “Nest, Travel, Maps and more”.

In a now-deleted post by CNET found by Mishaal Rahman of XDA, Google is planning a hardware event for October 5th. Rahman managed to grab a couple of screenshots before the CNET article was pulled. In the article, it’s mentioned the Google will not be revealing the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in their entirety, but instead, there’s no mention of the upcoming devices at al.

What we are likely to see are some updates to Google’s Nest lineup of speakers, along with some other smart home accessories. But it’s a bit odd that Google would take this time to hold an event, with the world anticipating the Pixel 6, just to show off some speakers. Not that the Nest speakers aren’t great, but it would make much more sense to just show everything off at a single event instead of staggering them weeks apart.

Another reason why we aren’t fully-sold on the idea of an event that doesn’t include the Pixel 6 is courtesy of recent leaks. Australian carrier Telstra started running a Facebook ad, providing subscribers the option to “register your interest for a chance to win a Marvel Stadium sports experience.” What’s notable is that the advertisement ends on October 19th, suggesting that the Pixel 6 will be available by that date.

This, added in with the myriad of leaks that we’ve seen over the past few weeks, maybe it’s time for Google to stop keeping everyone in the dark. Just throw out a little teaser on Twitter for an announcement date, then say the phones will be available to order on the same date.


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