Android 12’s Material You theming engine could be adopted by other OEMs


Android OEMs love theming and tweaking Android to best suit their needs and design preferences. It also helps them stand out from the crowd, but in turn this results in an Android experience that’s different across manufacturers. This is versus the stock version of Android that ships with Google’s Pixel handsets.

The good news is that it looks like there is a chance OEMs might be able to adopt more stock Android features into their own Android builds in the future. This is according to a report from XDA who discovered signs that suggest that Android 12’s Material You could eventually become an API that OEMs could use in future handsets and updates.

For those who are unfamiliar, Material You is a personalization feature of Android 12 that helps generate a color palette based on the wallpaper you’ve chosen. This color palette consists of five different colors that are then applied to various apps (that have been updated to support Material You) so that the resulting app looks like it fits with your phone’s overall theme,

This means that if you choose a light-colored wallpaper, apps that support Material You will adopt a similar look, and so on. The feature was announced at I/O earlier this year where Google said it would be arriving on Pixel devices first, but now it looks like it could eventually be a feature that OEMs could adopt in the future as well.

Source: XDA Developers

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