Google Keep will get its Material You makeover later this month


Last week, Google showed us what the Android 12 Material You redesign will bring to the likes of Gmail, Google Meet, Calendar, and other Google applications. Today, we’re getting a look at what to expect for the Google Keep redesign as the original blog post has been updated with new details (via 9to5Google).

Google is set to begin rolling out the changes starting on September 21st, and with it, we will have slightly-softer colors for the different blocks if Keep is using just Material You. But if you are using dynamic app theming, then the background, search bar, and buttons will all change to a softer hue of your wallpaper.

The rest of the app will look and feel just the same as it already does, as none of the buttons or options have been moved or tweaked. Instead, this upcoming update is all about the aesthetics and ensuring that the Material You Dynamic Color will match across all of your most-used Google apps.

According to Google, the update for Keep will begin rolling out starting on September 21st. You’ll be able to tell when the app has been updated with support as it will arrive with Keep for Android version 5.21.361.

This is just the latest update to what Material You is bringing to the table with Android 12, and we’re more than excited for it. Plus, it’ll look absolutely fantastic whenever Google finally releases the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.


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