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How to install Google Play Store on Huawei’s HarmonyOS smartphones


As part of the US trade ban against Huawei, the company was no longer allowed to do business with US companies and vice versa. This resulted in Google no longer being able to work with Huawei, which in turn meant that Huawei’s access to Android and Google’s services became severely limited.

Given that Google’s tight integration of its services with Android is one of the features that makes Android so appealing, this resulted in phones with powerful hardware but yet felt like something was missing.

Huawei has since eventually moved on where they are now focusing on HarmonyOS, their own alternative to Android, and if you happen to own a HarmonyOS phone and feel that its apps are still lacking, then read on to find out how to get Google Play installed on HarmonyOS.

How to install Google Play on HarmonyOS

Downloading and installing OurPlay

  1. Go to FoneTech’s website and scroll down until you see “OurPlay”
  2. Tap on it to download it onto your phone
  3. Once the app has been downloaded, a prompt will popup
  4. Tap on “Don’t ask me again” and then tap on Allow
  5. Tap Install anyway
  6. Tap Done

Setting up OurPlay for the first time

  1. Tap the OurPlay app on your home screen
  2. Tap the green button
  3. Swipe all the way to the end and tap the button
  4. Tap the green button
  5. Tap “Allow only while in use”
  6. Tap Allow again twice
  7. Keep tapping the button with green text when it pops up
  8. Tap the green button in the prompt with a image of rocket at the top
  9. Tap the green button
  10. Tap the green button in the prompt with a image of rocket at the top
  11. Tap the green button and wait for the installation to complete
  12. Once the installation is complete, a new popup will appear
  13. Tap “Don’t ask me again” and then tap Allow
  14. Tap Install and then tap on Open and wait for the other installations to complete
  15. Tap the green OK button
  16. Once it’s completed, you should see two Google Play icons appear, tap the middle one
  17. Tap the button with the green text and wait
  18. Sign in with your Google account (we should note that since this isn’t an official method, FoneTech has actually advised that you use this with a secondary Google account instead of your primary, in case something goes wrong)
  19. Tap “Yes, I’m in”
  20. Tap “I agree”
  21. Tap on More, tap on Accept
  22. You’ll now be brought back to the same screen from Step 16
  23. Tap the same Google Play icon again and it will launch Google Play
  24. You can now search, download, and install apps like you normally would

Launching Google Play from OurPlay

The steps above are for the first time you install OurPlay. If you want to launch Google Play again in the future:

  1. Launch OurPlay from your home screen
  2. Tap the second Google Play icon
  3. Search, download, and install Android apps like you normally would from the Play Store
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