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Give your room a splash of color with the Govee Lyra Floor Lamp


Have you ever walked into a home or a room and felt something, like maybe a sense of calm, maybe a sense of coziness, or maybe you feel a bit uncomfortable. This is because colors play a huge role in helping to set the mood, which is why hospitals are painted a certain way and why certain types of lighting and its color temperature can create certain moods.

After all, when was the last time you saw a romantic scene in a movie where the lovebirds are seated under the harsh lighting of a fluorescent lamp, right? Now thanks to modern day technology, we’re starting to see how smart lighting is becoming more mainstream. The ability to customize your lights based on the time or mood at the touch of a button or on a schedule has become such an invaluable feature.

If you’re looking to deck your home out with smart lighting, then maybe Govee’s Lyra Floor Lamp could be of interest to you.

Modern Design

Right off the bat, it is pretty obvious that the Govee Lyra Floor Lamp is not your traditional floor lamp when it comes to its design. More traditional lamps have shades or bulbs that shine downwards or upwards, but Govee has adopted a different approach where they’ve integrated an LED light strip along the side of the lamp.

With this approach, you can place the Govee Lyra Floor Lamp at a corner of the room and have the lights bounce off the walls. This helps to create a nice glow that isn’t harsh or glaring because of its indirect lighting, so you can enjoy the mood the light gives off without it being so in your face.

The fact that it is also long and thin and has no shade at the top means that you should have no issues finding a space for it, even if you don’t necessarily live in a particularly huge home.

Fun Features

Given that this is a smart lighting system, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that the Govee Lyra Floor Lamp comes with support for digital assistants. This includes both Google Assistant and Alexa, so you’ll not only be able to control it using voice commands, but you’ll be able to control it via your smartphone and create routines together with your other smart home appliances.

Speaking of smartphone control, users will be able to choose from over 25 scene modes so that they can get up and running straightaway, but if you’re more of a DIY sort of person, don’t worry. Govee’s accompanying app lets you customize the colors to your liking, and you can even submit your design or browse the designs of other users to find the right mix for you.

Govee has also adopted the use of RGBICWW technology. Typically RGB strips only allow for one color to be displayed at a time, but with RGBICWW, a single strip can display multiple colors at once, which in turn will let you create more funky colors and effects.

According to the company, there will be 16 million different colors for you to choose from, but if you prefer something more simple, there will be options to choose between warm white and cool white with color temperatures ranging from 2200k to 6500k.

Also, if you plan on hosting a karaoke night or just want to jam out to songs, the lights will be able to react to the music and change accordingly, making it feel like you’re at a concert. You can choose from Energic mode, to Rhythm mode, to Bounce mode, and more.


If you’re after a smart lighting system for your home that’s a bit more unusual than your standard smart bulb, the Govee Lyra Floor Lamp could be it. With a minimalist and modern design that will slot into the corner of your room discreetly, and the ability to crank out different colors and set different moods, not to mention Alexa and Google Assistant support, what else could you ask for?

Govee Lyra Smart Corner Floor Lamp
  • Futurist & Modern Design: Timeless minimalist design of the floor lamp for living room that infuses sophistication into any...
  • Cutting-Edge RGBICWW Technology: Savor multi-color displays as customized from 16 million total colors, 2200k-6500k warm/cool...

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