Android 12 will let users open multiple Chrome windows at once


Back in the good old days of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, if you wanted to open multiple websites at once, you would have to open multiple windows. These days, it’s a lot simpler and cleaner where you can instead opt to open multiple tabs instead of juggling many windows at once.

But there are times when having multiple windows might be better, like when you need to view information side-by-side. This was one of the limitations of mobile browsers, but that is expected to change in Android 12. According to a report from XDA Developers, they have spotted some code changes submitted to the Chromium Gerritt.

In these changes, there is now an addition of a “new window” button in the context menu of Chrome whenever a device enters split-screen mode. This means that when users enter split-screen mode on their phones and Chrome is in one of the apps running, users will have the option to open multiple instances of Chrome at the same time, with a maximum limit of five.

Note that this is different from having multiple tabs open because each window can have its own set of tabs. This would be useful, like we said, if you needed to make side-by-side comparisons. This will be part of the Android 12 update so users will have to wait until then if they want to take advantage of this new feature.

Source: XDA Developers

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