Save up to $500 on the new Bluetti AC300 & B300 insane off-grid power system!


Being able to access uninterrupted electricity is something that a lot of us in developed countries take for granted. This is why usually whenever there is a blackout, many of us feel this sense of loss, like we don’t know what to do now that we can’t go online on our computers, can’t play our consoles, or listen to music.

It’s always a good idea to have a backup just in case something happens, or even if you don’t, having an external source of energy even when you’re out camping could be a good idea. This can be used to power lights so that you can see in the dark, power heaters, a stovetop, and so on.

Like the scouts would say, always be prepared!

Now, if you are keen on getting yourself an external power source like a battery, obviously those tiny power banks that you slip into your pants or bag aren’t going to cut it. They might keep your phone juiced, but anything larger and they’re useless. This is why companies like Bluetti have created battery packs that are big and powerful enough to power some of your modern conveniences.

In fact, the company has recently started to sell its new AC300 and AC200 Max batteries, along with some incredible savings during the Bluetti Power Week, offering up to $500 off its new product lineup! 

Check out the details below. 

AC300 & B300

Starting with the AC300, this is an interesting battery pack simply because it actually does not come with a battery inside of it. This means that you’ll need to purchase the B300 batteries separately, which sounds like a lot of money, but in the long run it might actually be more worth it.

This is because all batteries will degrade over time and throughout the course of their usage. In devices that have fixed batteries, usually this means you’ll have to buy a brand new unit, whereas a device with a removable battery means you can just swap out the battery for a new one and you’re good to go.

Also, if you plan on stocking up, you could get several B300 batteries and keep them so when it runs out of juice, just swap in a new one and you’re done, no need to wait for it to charge. In fact, according to Bluetti, the AC300 can actually fit four B300 batteries for a total of 12,228Wh of energy ready to be used.

The AC300 will also be able to support a max power output of 5,400W which will allow you power all kinds of gadgets and modern day amenities if you need. If you need to go even further, Bluetti says that by using the Fusion Box Pro, you can even link up two AC300 units which will give you a total battery of 24,576Wh and also 6,000W max power output.

Last but not least, it will support as much as 2,400W of solar power charging with solar panels.

Supported outlets:

  • 6x AC, 3,000W in total
  • 1x NEMO TT-30
  • 2x 5V/3A USB-A
  • 2x 18W USB-A
  • 1x 100W USB-C PD3.0
  • 1x 12V/30A Super DC
  • 1x 24V/10A Cigarette Lighter Port
  • 2x 15W Wireless Charging Pad

The Bluetti AC300 and B300 will be available for pre-order on the 15th of September where early birds can save $800 on the price, bringing it down to $2,899.

AC200 Max & B230

Now, in case the Bluetti AC300 and B300 battery is a bit too expensive and you don’t really need all that juice, maybe you’re just looking for something smaller and more expensive that will still be sufficient as a temporary source of energy. In that case, maybe the Bluetti AC200 Max and B230 could be the answer.

Unlike the AC300, the AC200Max comes with a battery inside of it, but similar to the AC300, it can also house an additional two B230 batteries or B300 battery modules. This means that you can bring up the total battery size of 8,912Wh.

This is clearly less than what the AC300 can handle, but like we said, if you don’t need that much power and just need something to tide you over, then this should be more than sufficient.

Just like the AC300, the AC200Max will also support solar charging albeit at 900W, but Bluetti claims that this can be boosted by an extra 500W using the company’s DC charging enhancer module.

Supported outlets:

  • 4x AC, 2,200W in total
  • 1x NEMO TT-30
  • 2x 5V/3A USB-A
  • 2x 18W USB-A
  • 1x 100W USB-C PD3.0
  • 1x 12V/30A Super DC
  • 1x 12V/10A Cigarette Lighter Port
  • 2x 12V/10A DC5521 Outlets
  • 2x 15W Wireless Charging Pad

The Bluetti AC200 Max and B230 will be cheaper compared to the AC300 and the good news is that it will actually be available earlier for purchase.

Bluetti Power Week

Bluetti will be hosting the Bluetti Power Week which kicks off on the 20th of August and will run until the 30th of August.

if you were to purchase the AC200 Max and B230 then, you’ll be able to save yourself $500. This brings the asking price of the device down to $1,699.

In addition to the AC200Max and B230, the Bluetti Power Week will also discount some of the company’s other battery packs. This includes the Bluetti EB240 ($500 off), AC 200P ($400 off), and the Bluetti EB55 ($100 off) which brings its final price to just $449.

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