TCL introduces magnetically-attaching USB Cam to go with its new Google TV lineup


If you’re looking for a new TV but don’t want to break the bank with something from Sony or Samsung, you likely pivot to checking out something from TCL. The company has long been making and releasing fantastic wallet-friendly televisions, but until now, they have primarily been making use of Roku. Last week, TCL announced a new lineup of its 5-series and 6-series TVs that are running Google TV instead of Roku. And with many people still working from home, the company has now announced the TCL USB Cam.

TCL with Google TV

Starting with the TVs, there are a total of seven different models that are hitting the market in the coming weeks. The TCL 5-Series comes in four different sizes ranging from 50-inches and going up to 75-inches. Meanwhile, the 6-Series comes in 55, 65, or 75-inch models.

In addition to being powered by Google TV, some of the highlights of these new TCL televisions include 4K at 120Hz if you opt for one of the models in the 6-series. You’ll also find two HDMI 2.1 ports, one of which supports eARC, along with two more HDMI 2.0 ports. Both the 6-series and 5-series offer support for HDR10+, and include always-listening microphones thanks to the built-in Google Assistant. However, TCL built in a hardware switch to turn off the TV’s microphones if you would rather just use your Assistant-powered remote.


Although many have already started going back to the office, there are still more than a few people who are working from home. This means frustrating conference calls and video chats, with less-than-stellar video playback quality. Then there’s the whole confusion of trying to have a simple video chat with friends or family that you haven’t seen due to the pandemic.

TCL is trying to alleviate some of those frustrations with the all-new TCL USB Cam. The camera attaches to your TCL TV via a magnet, and simply needs to be plugged into one of the USB ports on your TV. Currently, it’s only compatible with one of the company’s aforementioned 5-Series or 6-Series with Google TV. This is because it works out of the box with Google Duo, along with other “popular apps”.

The camera itself offers Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, along with a stereo microphone array with noise reduction. The sensor itself provides a 70-degree field of view, and there’s even a built-in privacy cover for when you’re not using the camera. The TCL USB Cam will retail for about $80, but we aren’t sure as to when it will actually go on sale.


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