Aug 18th, 2021

Many years ago, Google launched Android Auto which would put a version of Android onto car stereos so that users can access features like music, maps, and more from their infotainment unit instead of reaching for their phone. The downside is that you needed to have a compatible stereo device, which in some cases would mean having to spend extra money.

Google solved this by introducing Android Auto for Phone Screens, which basically put a version of Android Auto onto Android handsets so that users can emulate the experience without spending more money.

The bad news is that it looks like Google is killing off access to it. The reports are claiming that devices running on Android 12 are no longer able to access Android Auto for Phone Screens, and are instead greeted with a message that says Android Auto is now only for car screens. It also recommends that users try Driving Mode in Google Assistant if they’re after a similar experience.

To be fair, Google kind of warned users that this would be happening back in 2019, and it looks like it is finally happening. Those who are still using Android 11 or older, you will still be able to access Android Auto for Phone Screens, but we’re not sure how long that is expected to last.

Source: XDA Developers

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