Aug 13th, 2021

Google offers its users a wide array of services that they have cleverly tied and integrated into each other, with the idea being that it would create a more cohesive system that just works across the board. Google Drive is one of the features and acts as the backup of choice for Android, like the photos you take, videos, and even messages.

How to get Google Drive unlimited storage

This doesn’t mean that Google Drive is the best, and if you feel that maybe Google knows a bit too much about you, more than you’re comfortable with, then it might be time to start exploring some alternative options. Some of these alternative backup services are free, some are paid, but maybe there could be something else that you might find that Google isn’t offering.

Dropbox is probably one of the closest rivals to Google Drive. The service has been around for a very long time and probably helped popularize the concept of cloud storage. It works on both your phone and computer and having a Dropbox folder on your computer can make it feel like you’re working with a local drive instead of a cloud-based one.

It offers up features that enterprise users can appreciate, like being able to collaborate on documents and see what changes have been made.

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