Nokia T20 could be HMD Global’s first Nokia tablet


The last time we saw a Nokia tablet was way back in 2014 when the company launched the Nokia N1. Seven years later, it seems that HMD Global could be planning on trying their hand at a Nokia tablet again. This is according to a report from in which they discovered a listing for a Nokia T20 on a UK retailer’s website.

The company announced their new rugged XR20 handset the other day and there was no indication that a new tablet could be in development, so this does come as a surprise. There might have been signs that a tablet could be in the works when a mysterious Nokia device was certified in Russia, but it is unclear if that device and the T20 are the same.

In terms of specs, the Nokia T20 will apparently come with a 10.36-inch display and will be accompanied by 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. It doesn’t sound particularly high-end although there is no mention of what kind of chipset will be used. It also looks like it will be offered in 4G or WiFi-only, with the former priced at around $280 while the latter will go for $257.

We have to say that we are a bit skeptical about HMD Global’s plans for a Nokia-branded tablet. When it comes to tablets, it is clearly a market that’s dominated by Apple. While we have seen some Android tablets that were semi-successful, there is a reason why many manufacturers aren’t rushing out the door with their own tablets.

Will HMD Global succeed where the rest have (sort of) failed? We’ll have to wait and see.


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