OnePlus confirms the 128GB OnePlus 9 Pro won’t be coming to the U.S.


When the OnePlus 9 Pro was announced, the company introduced two different models with 128GB and 256GB of storage. However, the 128GB variant has been suspiciously missing ever since the device was officially made available. Priced at $969, this was an attempt to bring the new flagship to markets under the $1,000 price point. Unfortunately, it seems that the 128GB version will never see the light of day here in the States.

Speaking to Android Police, OnePlus has confirmed that the 128GB OnePlus 9 Pro will not be coming to North America at all. According to the company, the reason behind this has to do with “unforeseen” supply constraints. It’s unknown whether this is related to the ongoing chipset supply issues, but that would be the most logical explanation.

“The OnePlus 9 Pro 8×128 GB variant was originally set to be sold in North America for $969. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen supply constraints specific to North American devices, we recently concluded it is no longer possible to bring this configuration to the United States and Canada. In North America we are prioritizing the 12×256 GB version to ensure our users have access to the highest spec device.”

Considering that the OnePlus 9 Pro has been available since March, it’s a bit odd that we’ve not seen the 8GB/128GB version made available in North America at all. So if you’ve been holding out hope for the base model OnePlus 9 Pro, you’re out of luck. Luckily, there have been a few deals here and there for the 12GB/256GB version.

Honestly, it’s not the end of the world with this announcement, as spending an extra $100 will net you double the amount of storage and an extra 4GB of RAM. Even with the recent app throttling saga, the 9 Pro remains one of the best Android phones on the market and is well worth the money.


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