Mysterious issue is killing Samsung Galaxy S20 screens


How long can we realistically expect to use our phones for? We reckon that for the most part, you could get away with 3-4 years, maybe even longer if you take care of it. But a phone to die after less than two years? Obviously something isn’t right, and that is the issue faced by a growing number of Samsung Galaxy S20 users.

According to various reports dating back in May, a number of Galaxy S20 owners have started to notice that their displays are running into problems. It would start with their screens showing scan lines which get progressively worse over time, until the display shows all white or green and is rendered unusable.

A post on the Samsung forums shares how one customer was told by a Samsung rep to soft reset their phone which apparently didn’t help. Some have even tried booting the phone in safe mode but that also did not solve the problem. Right now, the only way of solving this issue is to have the screen replaced.

Even then, this has posed a bit of a problem because not everyone is being covered by warranty, which means that any repairs or replacements are covered out of their own pocket. It is unclear what could be causing this problem, but hopefully Samsung is aware of it and is working on a solution, whether it be a software update or offering free replacements or repairs.

Source: Android Police

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