Samsung gives its Cloud users until November to move data to OneDrive


Late last year, Samsung announced that Samsung Cloud would be shutting down, including features such as Gallery Sync and Drive storage for the My Files app. To help in the transition, Samsung created a migration tool so you can move your files from Samsung Cloud to Microsoft’s OneDrive. This is another integration with Microsoft services, as we’ve seen the two companies working more closely together.

Originally, the “shut-off” point was scheduled to be August 31st for these features to be removed. However, Samsung has started sending out emails to customers stating that users will have an extra three months before Samsung’s cloud services will shut down. In an email provided by Android Central, Samsung states the following:

To make sure we provide our customers enough time to migrate or download their data, we have decided to postpone the final end of features date an extra 3 months from the originally announced date. Beginning on 2021-11-30, Gallery Sync and Drive storage for My Files will no longer be supported by Samsung Cloud and your data will be deleted.

Samsung also states that you’ll need to move your data over to Microsoft OneDrive before October 1st. After that point, the data migration tool will no longer be available. Instead, you’ll need to simply manually download all of your data and then move it to whatever cloud service that you want. Those who currently pay for a Samsung Cloud subscription will see their plans canceled on October 1st and will issue a refund to those customers who have pre-paid for storage.

It’s important to get a head start on this now, instead of waiting around for the last minute. Samsung confirmed that all of your Samsung Cloud data will be deleted after November 30th, removing any ability to download it.


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