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How to pair Xbox Controller with Google Stadia

Connect Xbox Series X Controller to Android

Google Stadia’s streaming service streams all kinds of games. Some of them you might be able to play on a computer using a keyboard and mouse, while other games might benefit more from using a physical controller, or maybe it’s just personal preference. This is why Google sells the Stadia controller for those who wish to use controllers for their games.

If you already own a controller, like the one from your Xbox console, did you know you can actually use it with Stadia? If you’d rather not spend more money buying yourself another controller just for Stadia, then read on to find out how you can use your Xbox controller with Stadia.

Pair an Xbox controller with Stadia

  1. Make sure your Xbox console is turned off so that your controller doesn’t automatically pair with the console
  2. Press and hold the Xbox button in the middle until it lights up
  3. Click and hold the connect button at the top edge of the controller until the Xbox logo blinks
  4. Go to your phone or computer’s Bluetooth settings and select the Xbox controller

It should be noted that obviously your controller will need to be Bluetooth enabled and so does your PC (if you’re choosing to connect it to your PC). Otherwise, you can always opt for wired connectivity over USB.

Also, do take note that according to Google, not all platforms will support the Xbox’s controller. Right now it seems that if you choose to stream Stadia through your TV using the Chromecast Ultra, the Xbox controllers are not supported and only the Stadia Controller works, so that’s something to keep in mind.

If you plan to play primarily through the Chromecast Ultra on your TV, then it looks like you’ll have no choice but to bite the bullet and purchase the Stadia Controller, otherwise it seems that it should work fine across multiple sources.

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