The OnePlus One still has a surprising number of loyal users


The OnePlus One was launched in 2014 and was described as the flagship killer. Packing decent hardware with a pretty affordable price tag to boot, it was easy to see how the company managed to build up a pretty loyal following over the years.

The OnePlus One is considered ancient by today’s standards, but did you know that the phone still has a fair share of loyal users who are using the phone as their daily driver? In a post made on Weibo, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau revealed that as it stands, there are still over 300 people who are using the phone as their main phone even today.

300 is a paltry figure when you consider that companies like Apple and Samsung probably sell more than 300 phones per day, but it is still quite impressive. This is because when the OnePlus One first launched, OnePlus utilized a somewhat controversial system where you had to be invited to buy the phone, so it wasn’t exactly easy to get your hands on.

We’re not sure how many OnePlus One units the company sold throughout its life cycle, but it’s interesting that there are quite a few people who are still using it everyday. Usually when it comes to old phones, some users might use it to experiment with ROMs and development, so it’s a little heart-warming to think that some are still so fiercely loyal to a phone that’s seven years old.

Source: Android Headlines

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