Honor could be considering building their own foldable phones


Now that Honor is no longer under Huawei, it could give the company a chance to shine, especially since it has the “advantage” of having Google’s services on its phones again. In fact, there is a chance Honor could now be looking to explore new form factors such as foldable phones.

According to a report from DealnTech, it seems that Honor has filed for two trademarks for potentially new phones. The trademarks in question are for the Honor Magic Flip and the Honor Magic Fold. While the trademarks don’t specify what kind of devices they are, their names feel like it’s kind of a dead giveaway.

This is because Samsung actually has foldable phones called the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Z Fold, so it wouldn’t be entirely out of the question if these Honor phones might be foldables as well, and that they might follow a similar design to that of Samsung. It will be interesting if this is true because Honor has largely been known as being the more affordable sub-brand to Huawei.

If they are planning on continuing with that image and reputation, maybe they could launch foldable phones that won’t cost an arm and a leg. According to DealnTech, the Honor Magic Fold is rumored for a launch by the end of the year, while the Honor Magic Flip will only launch in 2022, so either way we still have a bit of waiting to do.


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