Jun 21st, 2021

If you wanted a laptop, in the past you pretty much had to choose between Windows or Mac, but then Google introduced Chrome OS and subsequently, Chromebooks which are essentially laptops that run Chrome OS. They are usually marketed as being the more affordable laptop alternatives to Windows or Mac, and this Prime Day you can save yourself even more money.

This is because for this Prime Day sales, there are a bunch of Chromebooks that will be enjoying massive discounts of up to 55%. Some are even cheap enough where for under $200 you’ll be able to get yourself a laptop that’s good enough for school and maybe even for work.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Chromebook 13.3″ UHD AMOLED

Now, we know we said Chromebooks are usually priced affordably and this Galaxy Chromebook model is still somewhat affordable after its 30% discount, but it is one of the more premium models out there thanks to its UHD display and AMOLED screen. It is also powered by an Intel i5 processor so it should be decently powered enough for you to get your work done and then some.

ASUS CX1100CNA Chromebook Laptop

With a display measuring 11.6-inches, this laptop is actually smaller than that of Apple’s iPad Pro with its 12.9-inch display, but in case you were after something extremely portable and also affordable, priced at $170 after its 26% discount, Chromebooks definitely do no get cheaper than this.

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