Amazon is cleaning house, removing more tech brands from its store


Last month, Amazon abruptly removed a wide array of charging accessories and headphones from Aukey and Mpow, with little rhyme or reason as to why. Then, Amazon revealed that the move came as the only retail giant continues to battle scams and fake reviews, with both Aukey and Mpow being included in the ring. How it works is that when you purchase one of these products, you might get a little business card in the packaging. On the packaging, there’s a link that points to Amazon’s review page, and the business card also states that you will be compensated for a positive review.

It seems that RavPower is the latest brand to get caught up in the mess, as The Verge (via Nicole Ngyuen) is reporting that RavPower’s product lineup has all been marked as “unavailable” on the company’s Amazon storefront. The same rings true if you were to simply search for “RavPower” in the Amazon search box. Either there will be products that are unavailable, or you just won’t be able to see the robust lineup of charging accessories that were previously listed.

As you can see in the images above, the QR code would take you to the review page, while the company is offering a $35 gift card for the review. It’s this kind of practice that Amazon is trying to scrub from its storefront. On one hand, it’s great to see Amazon crack down and get rid of brands that are trying to manipulate the system. On the other, we’re really disappointed to see this kind of behavior from RavPower as the company offers some of the best charging accessories for all of your devices. We’ve reviewed plenty of RavPower products over the years, and I personally have purchased quite a few RavPower chargers myself over the years.

At the time of this writing, we have yet to see or hear from either Amazon or RavPower for the abrupt change. We are also unsure as to whether other less-well known brands have been removed from Amazon search results. Until then, we’ll have to see if this is related to the Aukey/Mpow saga, or if there’s something else going on entirely.


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