Android 12 Beta 2 is available and focuses more on privacy and less on customization

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It’s been about three weeks since we’ve had our hands on the first Android 12 beta, which has introduced a slew of new design changes and more. Today, Google is rolling out the 2nd Android 12 beta, bringing even more new features for developers to work with.]

There was some disappointment with the first Android 12 beta, as it seems that Google is “holding back” some of the features announced at Google I/O. This includes those sweet-looking new widgets, along with the highly-anticipated theming system. While we were hoping to get the theming system this go ’round, be prepared to be disappointed again.

With today’s software update, Google is bringing adding three major new features to compatible devices. The largest of which is the Privacy Dashboard, which shows specifically what data has been accessed by certain apps. With this information at your side, you can then determine whether you want to change permissions for any potentially egregious apps.

Keeping with the privacy theme, Google is adding indicators on the Home Screen whenever the microphone or camera is being used. Additionally, you’ll find toggles in the Quick Settings menu that allow you to quickly turn off camera and microphone access.

Another privacy feature is one that Google “sherlocked” from iOS. Whenever an app copies content to your device’s clipboard, a toast notification will appear at the bottom of your screen. With this feature enabled, you will be able to make sure that an app that shouldn’t be copying from the clipboard, isn’t doing so. Google also stated that if the toast notification won’t appear if the same app is repeatedly copying items to your clipboard in an effort to keep notifications to a minimum.

The last “major” addition making its way to Android 12 today is an updated experience when managing your network connections. Google states that this new UX will allow you to manage your network connections faster than in previous versions of Android.

What’s still missing?

For one reason or another, Google still hasn’t introduced the theming system that we are itching to get our hands on. Maybe it’s because there are still a few things to iron out and we’ll see it in Beta 3. A less-likely reason is because Google is already confident that there aren’t many issues that there’s not much of a need to get it in the hands of users too early.

Android 12 offers a major overhaul to the design and how you interact with your device. With such an emphasis being placed on the Material You design language, it’s surprising to see this still missing in the 2nd beta.

When is Android 12 Beta 3 coming?

Google is sticking to its schedule that was revealed with the first Android 12 Developer Preview. We’ll be getting another taste of Android 12 on a monthly basis, leading up to the final release coming sometime after August. This means that Android 12 Beta 3 will likely be coming in the first week of July. We’re expecting to see Android 12 land in its final version in September, likely alongside the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.


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