VIP-SCDkey Mid Year Sale: Windows 10 PRO OEM Key $15 And Office 2019 $43!


Are you still working from home? If you are, maybe it might be time to rethink your home computer setup, and every new rig will need a copy of Windows 10. If the retail prices of Microsoft’s Office or Windows 10 is a bit too expensive for your liking, don’t worry because the folks at VIP-SCDKey are hosting a mid-year sale.

This sale will knock the prices of Windows 10 Pro down to just $15 and Office 2019 for just $43, and all you need to do is enter the skpha coupon code and save yourself 25% in the process. Sounds good, right?

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In addition to selling Windows 10 or copies of Microsoft Office, VIP-SCDkey also plays home to other types of software including antivirus software that helps detect and remove malware from your computer. They also sell various video games, and the best part is that you’ll be able to enjoy discounts on them too by using the skpha coupon code at checkout.

Why OEM?

Some of you might be wondering, how is it that VIP-SCDkey is selling Windows 10 or Office for so cheap compared to Microsoft? The important distinction to make is that these are OEM copies of Office and Windows.

OEM keys are usually sold to computer manufacturers who will need to install tens of thousands of copies of Windows or Office onto prebuilt desktops and laptops. As such, they are usually cheaper, and they are also 100% legit so you don’t have to worry about it. The main difference is that OEM keys are only good for one computer and one install.

If you shift to a different computer, you’ll need to get a new OEM key, but ultimately it is still a lot cheaper to purchase multiple OEM keys for Office and Windows compared to a single copy of the retail price for Windows 10.

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